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FAQ,s VirtualStaff4u

What is Virtual staff 4U ?

Virtual staff 4U is basicly an Employment agency specialising in the supply of IT Specialists

Where are Virtual Staff Located ?

Virtual Staff have their main management team in London.

Where are Virtual Staff 4u Employees located ?

Our IT proffessionals are located in India.

Can I choose my staff ?

Yes ! Let us know your requirments and we will supply you a short list to select from.

Can I Interview my staff ?

Yes ! We can arrange Video interviews for you.

What Hours will my Staff work ?

Your staff will work any hours that you require for your needs, in your local time zone.

How much does it Cost ?

We will give you a full quote based on your individual requirements just get in touch.

What happens if my staff go sick ?

We immediately replace there position with an equally qualified staff member until they return.

What happens if I want to change my employee ?

Just let us know and we can arrange an alternative for you ?

Do my staff have holidays ?

All availability is agreed at the outset, and any holiday leave is covered by Virtual staff 4U in both staff and cost.

How can I communicate with my staff ?

The best way is via Video based calling eg Skype.

How do I know they arrive/leave on time ?

Your employee will sign in and out when he starts and finishes his shift.

I only need a junior developer ?

Virtual staff 4U can supply any grade of IT staff you require just tell us your requirements and we will supply you a short list.

Who manages my staff ?

You Do ! However you have the full support of a UK based account manager to assist you at any time.

Are there any hidden costs ?

No ! all fees are agreed up front.

What is the minimum term I can recruit staff for ?

Typically most agreements would be for a mnimum of 6 months, however me maybe able to accommodate shorter contracts, just give us a call !

Do the staff work from home ?

No ! All staff work from and are managed from within our own office.

My requirement is quite unusual ?

No problem we are confident we can supply staff for all IT based roles, Get in touch ?

Can I hire more than one staff member ?

Yes of course you can you can hire as many as you require.

Can I terminate my contract with Virtual Staff at anytime ?

We would require 30 days notice of any cancellation.

Can I test my employee, to check they are competent ?

Yes ! Of course you can again get in touch and we would be happy to show you their efficiency.
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